Falcon 1 to Launch after Thanksgiving

SpaceX has announced that their maiden flight of the Falcon 1 rocket will take place on November 25th.
The private launch firm SpaceX will loft its Falcon 1 rocket on Nov. 25, marking the booster’s maiden flight and hopefully the first of many space shots to come, the company’s chief said Friday.Elon Musk, founder and CEO of the El Segundo, California-based SpaceX, said his firm’s first Falcon 1 rocket will liftoff from its equatorial launch site at 4:00 p.m. EST (2100 GMT) on a mission to orbit a small U.S. Air Force Academy satellite.
This comes after almost a month delay as they were forced to move the launch site due to a conflict with a grounded USAF launch. Let's hope that the delay and the several thousand mile move from California to an atoll in the Pacific hasn't damaged the rocket. SpaceX's low cost launch systems and their plans for the future have a good chance of helping to revitalize the space industry.


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