Loompanics closing

Sad to say, it looks like long time publisher of odd and hard to find books (including the Principia Discordia) is going out of business. But don't despair! They're having a big sale, so here's your last chance to purchase their books.

All books are 50% off their original price (including everything in the large 2005 Main Catalog). Once they are gone, they are gone for good. Orders will be filled on an early-bird-gets-the-worm basis. First come, first served. Nothing will be backordered. So order early. We'll enclose a refund check for books ordered that are no longer available. Remember, most of these books cannot be found in even the largest libraries. The majority of them will never be seen in bookstores. They are here now -- available to you at 50% off. Heck, at 50% off you can fill your head with lots of new stuff.


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