Mouse brain simulated on computer

The first steps have been taken toward digitized human minds: a simulation of neurons roughly as complex as a mouse brain has been run on a computer. It was only run briefly, and at a speed 10x slower than real time, but it's a start. Progress in computing speed will soon allow realtime simulations, or faster.

The next step is finding a way to map an existing brain, and duplicating it in a simulation.

BBC NEWS | Technology | Mouse brain simulated on computer


Purple Earth!

An interesting theory on early photosynthetic organisms on Earth. It seems that early microbes may have used retinal to absorb solar energy, giving them a purple hue rather than a green one. Ultimately, chlorophyll was more efficient though more difficult to produce, leading to it becoming the energy source of all plants today.

It's a good thing to keep things like this in mind when searching for extra solar planets with life on them. Our sun made chlorophyll more efficient, but a star with different properties may make retinal dominant.

LiveScience.com - Early Earth Was Purple, Study Suggests

Alien worlds may come in pretty colors...

Some interesting thoughts on how plant life on other planets might appear, given the different spectrum of other stars.

For plants on alien worlds, it isn't easy being green - space - 11 April 2007 - New Scientist Space


Hip E-mail Addresses Bad for Resumes

Looks like a recent study has confirmed what those working in HR have known all along: get a professional looking email address to put on your resume!

LiveScience.com - Hip E-mail Addresses Bad for Resumes