1 Million Babies?

If the Million Dollar Homepage wasn't enough for you, check out the New Baby Homepage

That's right, selling tiny ads to websites no one ever heard of isn't the only way to make money on the web. Not when there are plenty of new parents eager to show of their little poop factory.


Funny Picture of the Day

There's just something funny about a US Missle Destroyer chasing a small dhow full of pirates.


Be part of a conspiracy!

Here's something fun - a mad lib conspiracy generator.

With its help, I was able to uncover this nefarious cabal:

In order to understand anarchism you need to realize that everything is controlled by a Seattle Sea Hawks made up of Irish with help from Pastafarians.

The conspiracy first started during the Battle of Tours in Stonehenge. They have been responsible for many events throughout history, including the Boston Tea Party.

Today, members of the conspiracy are everywhere. They can be identified by picking one's teeth.

They want to assault Pat Robertson and imprison resisters in a nursing home using dirigibles.

In order to prepare for this, we all must stop. Since the media is controlled by NOW we should get our information from George Bush.


Loompanics closing

Sad to say, it looks like long time publisher of odd and hard to find books (including the Principia Discordia) is going out of business. But don't despair! They're having a big sale, so here's your last chance to purchase their books.

All books are 50% off their original price (including everything in the large 2005 Main Catalog). Once they are gone, they are gone for good. Orders will be filled on an early-bird-gets-the-worm basis. First come, first served. Nothing will be backordered. So order early. We'll enclose a refund check for books ordered that are no longer available. Remember, most of these books cannot be found in even the largest libraries. The majority of them will never be seen in bookstores. They are here now -- available to you at 50% off. Heck, at 50% off you can fill your head with lots of new stuff.


Best Blonde Joke Ever!

This has definitely got to be the best blonde joke ever!


Are Virtual Goods Taxable?

Arstechnica has an interesting artice asking if goods in MMORPGs are taxable. As more and more people make money by trading online goods for offline cash, some are wondering if they should be reporting that to the IRS, and what laws apply.

In short, no one seems to be sure.
The local tax office employee was puzzled by the issue, and referred Dibbell to the IRS's Business and Specialty Tax Line, where another public servant attempted to unravel the mystery, and suggested that Dibbell seek authoritative judgment from the IRS. Despite the fact that no official conclusion was reached, each IRS representative along the way agreed that MMORPG bartering is probably taxable, but the absence of a clear regulatory policy means that the status of MMORPG trading will not change in the immediate future.
Given the controversy over sales tax on the internet, it could be years before anyone ever starts addressing this issue. Unless some jurisdiction decides to apply sales tax to in game sales, that is.


Pirate Party

It looks like there's an Anti-IP political party trying to build support in Sweden, the aptly named Piratpartiet or or Pirate Party. Accordiong to Battleangel.org thier platform includes:

  • Strike out immaterial law. Every last bit of it.
  • Disregard WIPO and WTO completely. Even though the US will "go bananas" as they put it.
  • Annul any further treaties or policies that hinder the free flow of information.
  • Stand up for privacy. No data retention nonsense based on terrorism shills or failed **AA business models.
It sounds cool, but just remember that the last time Scandinavians decided to go pirate, we got the vikings...