Chavez proclaimed Augustus...

Chavez gets powers to rule by decree | Top News | Reuters.com:
"Venezuela's Congress on Wednesday granted President Hugo Chavez powers to rule by decree for 18 months as he tries to force through nationalizations key to his self-styled leftist revolution."


Super Soldiers: Tomorrow's 'Army of One' Technology

Looks like a lot of developments are underway in military hardware for soldiers. It will be interesting to see how they work in the field, and if they prove as revolutionary as smart bombs and stealth weapons have.

SPACE.com -- Super Soldiers: Tomorrow's 'Army of One' Technology


$100 laptop project launches 2007

It looks like the OLPC is actually being produced, and will be available this year. I was skeptical from the start, but it looks like I was wrong. Let's hope the laptop actually helps kids learn, and isn't another waste of money like so many things billed as a solution to education woes.

BBC NEWS | Technology | $100 laptop project launches 2007